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Calculate Your Commute! 

Use King County Metro’s calculator to determine if you can save money commuting by bus instead of driving alone. You input the number of miles you travel to work, and what you pay for parking and gas. King County Metro compares that total to the cost of paying cash fares on Metro at different times of the day and in different parts of King County.

Care Mobility Rewards Program Overview 

This is a one-pager that details the goals, scope, and timeline for the South King County Mobility Coalition and Access to Healthcare's Care Mobility Rewards Program.

School and Work Transportation Options Presentation Slides 

This slide deck shares comprehensive information about the different types of transportation and mobility programs that individuals can use to get to work and school.

Inclusive Planning Action Plan 

The King County Mobility Coalition produced this Action Plan after Round 1 Inclusive Planning grant efforts. It helped inform the prioritized projects for Round 2.

Small Business Transportation Toolkit Project Charter 

This project charter details the objectives, goals, and overarching process associated with the Small Business Transportation Toolkit project adopted by the Access to Work and School Committee.

Business Continuity Planning Guide for Transportation Providers  

Continuity of Operations planning toolkit. This guide provides information on how to prepare buissnesses for disaster.

Hopelink Mobility Management Zoom Guide 

This is a basic Zoom guide that provides information about basic platform controls.

Snoqualmie Valley Mobility Coalition Meeting Slides 12.9.22

SVMC 5th anniversary, with Bree Boyce, Senior Manager of Coalitions Mobility Management; Bebhinn Gilbert, Program Supervisor of King County Mobility Coalition, discusses regional concerns and possible solutions to finalize the King County Mobility Coalition Action Plan.

South King Couty Meeting Notes: September 9, 2021 

Meeting notes from September 9th, 2021 meeting.

Snoqualmie Valley Mobility Coalition Meeting Notes 4.14.2023 

The Coalition meeting first introduced Amy Biggs, Director of Snoqualmie Valley Transportation (SVT), to discuss SVT service changes and updates. Next, Ryan Packer, Senior Editor at The Urbanist, focusing on land use and transportation, discussed 2023 Washington State legislative session and outlines relevant WA State, King County, and Snoqualmie Valley impacts as the long session concludes, along with Q & A. Laura Loe, Hopelink Program Manager with Find a Ride - Mobility Management, offered Find a Ride program overview and updates, with regional emphasis. Teresa Ngo, Hopelink Program Manager with Community Van – Mobility Management, provided Community Van program updates, with regional emphasis.


Meeting notes for the June 22, 2023, North King County Mobility Coalition. For questions contact the North King County Mobility Coordinator.

One-Call/One-Click Advisory Committee Meeting Slides 6.26.2023

North King County Mobility Coalition Meeting PowerPoint 2023.10.26

EERC Meeting Slides - KC Metro ADA Transition Plan - 9-26-23

King County Accessible Travel Map 

Developed in partnership with King County Metro, the King County Mobility Coalition, and its community partners, the King County Accessible Travel Map is a resource for older adults, people with disabilities, caregivers, and support staff to showcase the transportation options available in King County. Over 30 transportation services and resources are highlighted, including transit, community based shuttles, medical transportation, volunteer driver programs, taxis, fare payments, and much more! (The map translated into Spanish can be found here .) To request a copy of the brochure, please e-mail

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